Makers that Inspire Me | Part 3 | Ceramics

Leah Kaplan Studio | @leahkaplanstudio

One of the many things I love about being a designer and maker is seeing the work of others. In this series of monthly posts I will showcase some of the makers and artists that have inspired both me and my work | Part 3 | Ceramics

Ceramics will always be a material that I love, I first began working with it while studying for my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. And I continued to pester the ceramics workshop right the way through my Jewellery Degree, even making the installation piece for my final degree show from slip cast porcelain. And although metal work takes up most of my time now, I still think my time in the ceramics studio continues to influence the way I work.

For this reason I absolutely love seeing the work of ceramic artists. Ceramics can be both sculptural and functional, clay can be used to tell a story or to test ideas, it's a material with endless possibilities. I've listed a few of my favourite artists below, happy exploring!

Amy Dov | @amydovstudio

Ceramic Artist | Based in Los Angeles, USA

"Amy has found deep meaning in the organic nature of clay and its many possibilities of showing the beauty of imperfection and chance occurrences in the artists hand.  Through simple manipulation of the clay with her hands and tools, a body of work has emerged that captures the special nature of ceramics and the magic that occurs when fire and clay merge to become one."

Anthony Theakston | @anthonytheakstonsculptor

Ceramic and Bronze Artist | Based in Lincolnshire, UK

"It's not just about the bird, it's about its character and how I feel about it."

"I studied ceramics for six years gaining both a BA and an MA degree and then lectured for five years at Camberwell College of Arts whilst establishing myself as a studio ceramic..

in the last few years I have been mainly working with a foundry and I now concentrate all my energy into drawing and sculpting for bronze."

Lydia Hardwick | @lydia.hardwick

Ceramic Artist | Based in London and Essex, UK

"Lydia graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2013. Primarily using clay, she works across the fields of art and design. As an artist educator and qualified teacher, she has undertaken educational projects with the Royal Academy of Arts, Whitechapel Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, Milton Keynes Art Centre, The Jewish Museum, The Foundling Museum, Focal Point Gallery and Turner Contemporary. "

Leah Kaplan Studio | @leahkaplanstudio

Ceramic Artist | Based in Old City Philadelphia

"Lines, undulation, texture, light and shadow are recurring themes in my work. I find inspiration for them everywhere. Fortuny pleats. Mushroom gills. Aboriginal paintings. Crushed, corrugated cardboard. All these influences seep into my making."

Veronique De Clerck | @veroniquedeclerck_ceramics

Ceramicist | Potter | Based in Barcelona, Spain

"Veronique is a Belgian-Australian, and today is based in Barcelona, Spain. She mainly works with mixed stoneware, and combines wheel throwing and hand building techniques.

She balances contrast in texture and shape, and tests the limits of the clay materials. She continues to explore both functional and sculptural ceramic work."

Elaine Bolt | @elainebolt

Ceramics and Mixed Media | Based in Brighton, UK

"Objects can tell stories…

I am a ceramic artist working with clay and mixed media, creating works and compositions guided by a sense of narrative and steeped in the context of the local surroundings. My work includes sculptural work, hand-built wall pieces and thrown vessels, made in porcelain and stoneware and mixed-media."

Kelsey Bowen | @kjbowen

Ceramic Artist | Based in Western Montana, USA

"Kelsey Bowen's figurative sculptures serve as vessels for her self-reflection and storytelling in clay; inspired by memories from her youth and interactions with her peers as an adult. While often dark in concept, her pieces build an unsettling and surreal landscape where the viewer is both comforted and disturbed; encouraging closer inspection through friendly colours and playful characters before delivering an unsettling detail."

Stay tuned next month to see my inspiration for Part 4 | Jewellery

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