Makers that Inspire Me | Part 4 | Jewellers

Polly Wales | @pollywales

One of the many things I love about being a designer and maker is seeing the work of others. In this series of monthly posts I will showcase some of the makers and artists that have inspired both me and my work | Part 4 | Jewellers

There are endless styles of contemporary jewellery in an endless array of materials. I love statement pieces, pieces that will catch the eye or tell a story. To me jewellery should be meaningful and personal, it's something you wear to tell the story of who you are, a little piece of personal history. I could go on forever about the jewellers who inspire me, so I'm just going to choose a few of my favourites, happy exploring!

Polly Wales | @pollywales

Jewellery Designer | Los Angeles, USA

"Polly Wales Fine Jewellery was founded in London in 2010. Since that time, the company has taken the world by storm for its unconventional approach to jewellery manufacturing, particularly for its pioneering work in the Cast-Not-Set technique. The company is currently located in Downtown Los Angeles and sells jewellery all around the world."

Marta Mattsson | @martamattsson_jewellery

Jewellery Artist | Sweden

"Sometimes I see beauty in things that other people find strange or are even repulsed by. My jewellery deals with the tension that lies between attraction and repulsion. I take seemingly inappropriate materials, making ordinary and familiar objects seem extraordinary and unfamiliar."

Junmin Bae | @junmin_bb

Artist | Contemporary Jeweller | Korea

"I intend to constitute regular patterns, which can be observed in the process of cell division or the eyes of insects among enormous images in the microscopic world, in a visual manner.

Thus, I aim to express such shapes through the process of attaching and piercing small dots on the surface of accessories. The organised dots or freely scattered dots are not contained in space; they fill out and create the space by themselves. This is the passage of time I encounter without any disturbance and at the same time my small universe."

Anna Vlahos | Beautifully Sprued | @beautifully_sprued

Contemporary Jewellery | Athens, Greece

"Jewellery shows me that everyone is the same, and that even throughout history we have been the same. 100000 years ago she found something she thought was beautiful, or a lucky charm, or sentimental and she wanted to wear it, just the same as I did yesterday.

I started making jewellery in Australia. then I moved to Greece and started making jewellery in Greece, then greek things started to get into my jewellery making even though I was making in my Australian way, and that seems to be where things are at right now."

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