Makers that Inspire Me | Part 1 | Vessels

Updated: Aug 7

Hyun Baek | @hbmaking

One of the many things I love about being a designer and maker is seeing the work of others. In this series of monthly posts I will showcase some of the makers and artists that have inspired both me and my work | Part 1 | Vessels

Vessels have been a big part of my inspiration since studying design at university. I'm fascinated by the history of them, their functionality and sculptural nature. They are made to contain something, very often they are made to function within our daily lives, and for this reason they are an endless inspiration to artists and designers.

I have assembled a collection of makers below that all use their practices to explore the vessel. Each specialises in their own material: wood, metal or ceramic, resulting in unique, highly crafted pieces. Some are conceptual, and some are functional, all of them are beautiful.

Eleanor Lakelin | @eleanorlakelin

Artist | Maker in Wood | UK

Helen Rondell | @helenrondell

Artist | Ceramics | Based in UK

Maxime Perrolle | @maxime.perrolle

Woodturner | Sculptor | Based in Paris

Darren Appiagyei | @inthegrain

Wood Carver | London

David Clarke | @mister_clarke

Artist | Silversmith | Based in UK

Hyun Baek | @hbmaking

Silversmith | Based in UK and Korea

Stay tuned next month to see my inspiration for Part 2 | Fashion and Textiles

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