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Emma is a Jewellery Designer and Maker based in the Southside of Glasgow. Since graduating from Middlesex University, London with a First Class Degree in Jewellery Design she has enjoyed experimenting with sculptural carving and casting techniques to create pieces that are individual and unique.


“I’m inspired by the environment around me, in particular the coastlines of Scotland and the Borders. I’m a magpie for objects that wash up along the beach and am fascinated by the way the sea is constantly smoothing and shaping things, eroding the landscape around it.“


"Growing up in Cumbria, not far from the Lake District National Park I was constantly surrounded by nature. Walking around the Lakes and beachcombing along the Solway Coast are some of my favourite things to do. When I'm in a city, being creative and making things is one way that I can feel close to the outdoors."

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If you've seen something you like and it's currently unavailable online you can contact me directly at: