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Design Inspiration

Using her own moulds and carving techniques, Emma works with precious metals and stones to capture the tactile quality of the objects that many of us pick up from the beach.

“I'm fascinated by the minute details of the coastal landscape and the ever changing textures that build up along the shoreline.”

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Textures play a large part in the inspiration behind Emma's work. Barnacles, seaweed, sand, shells and pebbles that have been rubbed smooth by the water.

"Along the coast there is a treasure trove of textures. Home to its own minute landscapes and ecosystems, the shore provides endless inspiration"


Underwater Residency

In the summer of 2022 Emma took part in an underwater artists residency with Argyll Coast and Islands Hope Spot. The Argyll Coast and Islands Hope Spot is a community-led celebration of this part of Scotland's world-class riches. It stretches from Ardnamurchan to Loch Sween.

Throughout the summer eleven artists, musicians and writers gathered in the Hope Spot to take part in a snorkelling artists' residency. With support of knowledgeable ecologists, fellow marine artists and a qualified safety swimmer they made work underwater and on land, bringing to life an often hidden world.

Emma Wylie IMG_0069.HEIC
Emma Wylie IMG_5717.HEIC

​Emma is currently developing collections inspired by the marine life observed while on the residency. In particular the movement of underwater plants like seaweed.

"There's so much life and movement underwater, it's completely absorbing. Attempting to capture this movement in metal is a real challenge."



You can get in touch with me via email or instagram, I'm always happy to hear from you.

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