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Oxidised jewellery is silver jewellery that has been purposefully oxidised by a jeweller to create a strong, black patina. For those who like a bit of chemistry it's a reaction between silver and sulphur to form a silver sulphide layer on the surface of the metal.


The parts of your jewellery that come into contact most with other surfaces will eventually be worn down to reveal the bright, untarnished silver underneath.


If you'd like to freshen up your jewellery, I provide a re-oxidisation service for your EMMA WYLIE JEWELLERY pieces. This includes a re-polish to remove any scratches and a fresh patina for the surface of your piece. Once you have purchased a Re-Oxidise service I will email you with instructions on how to send your jewellery to me.


Please be aware this service can take up to two weeks.

Re-Oxidise Service

  • Once you have purchased a service from me, I will contact you by email with instructions for how to send your jewellery to me safely.