Handcrafted and Inspired by Coastal Landscapes
Emma's work is heavily influenced by the natural landscape. “I’m a magpie for objects that wash up along the beach and am fascinated by the way the sea is constantly smoothing and shaping things, eroding the landscape around it.“

Inspiration from the Coast

Much of my inspiration comes from objects or textures I find on the beach: mussels, barnacles, rocks and seaweed. I love the way nature gathers in cracks and crevices and how the sea changes the shape of things over time.


Last month I was asked to make a special pair of earrings for a customer using her own opals, bought on a trip to Port Douglas, Australia.

The customer wanted the earrings to reflect the Australian landscape as a reminder of her time spent in the country. This was somet...

Textured Solitaire Ring, Champagne Diamond in 9ct Yellow Gold

Commissioning a bespoke engagement ring isn't as complicated as you might think, it should be a fun and exciting experience. The first thing you need to do is to get in touch, once you get the ball rolling I...

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