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Finding Your Perfect Ring Size!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

If you enjoy wearing rings, knowing your own ring size is very useful and it's easy to find out. Below I'll share with you some of my tips for finding out your ring sizes, remember you have more than one ring size!

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Things to bear in mind. . .

  • UK Ring Sizes are based on the Alphabet System

UK Ring sizes go from A-Z with A being the smallest and Z the largest. Most people will range between J and V depending on which finger you are measuring. Occasionally I get customers who know their ring size in the American or European systems which are numerical, however to order a ring from me I need your UK size.

  • Each finger is a different size!

You have more than one ring size! You may not want to wear all of your rings on the same finger, and knowing the ring size of your right index finger does not help when ordering a ring to wear on your left ring finger. So make sure to get them all measured.

Each hand is also different! Something many people don't realise is that the ring sizes on one hand are usually about one size larger than the corresponding ring sizes on the other. For example, your middle finger on your left hand is likely to be a different size to your middle finger on your right hand. As to which is larger? It's usually the more dominant hand that is a size larger, but not always.

  • Don't be shy / ask a professional jeweller

If you get the chance it's totally acceptable to go into a high street jewellers and ask to be measured for your ring size. I say this as a former employee of a high street jewellers, don't be shy, the staff are trained to help you find your ring size, it only takes 2 minutes and you are not obliged to buy anything in return.

  • Remember to make a note of it!

Once you've found your ring size or sizes, remember to keep a note of them and which finger they correspond to. Pin it to your fridge or your notice board and that way if your family / friends or partner want to order you a ring as a gift they will have all the information readily available.

  • Ring sizes can change

Yes, your ring size, like your dress size can change! So bear in mind that if you lose or gain weight, your rings may no longer fit like they used to. This is something to consider before going on that strict diet, it might mean that your favourite ring no longer fits as well as it used to and you are at risk of it falling off and getting lost. Sometimes it's worth measuring your ring sizes again if it's been a while since you last checked.

  • A wide band will feel tighter than a narrower band.

When purchasing a particularly wide band, I recommend ordering a full size larger than your normal ring size.

  • Your finger can change size during the day

The best time to measure is at the end of the day when your fingers are at their largest. Do not measure when your hands are cold as your fingers could be up to a size smaller than usual.​

  • Your ring should fit your finger comfortably

It should be snug enough not to fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. If you are trying to choose between two sizes, I recommend choosing the smallest size that you can get on and off comfortably.​

  • Not all rings can be re-sized!

Some rings cannot be resized without causing damage, for example stone set rings or heavily detailed designs. So it's always best to get it right first time! Please check the item product page for details on re-sizing before placing your order.

Ordering a ring for someone else?

The safest way to find out someones ring size is to have them measured by a professional jeweller, however, if the ring is a surprise there is another option available. . .

  • Find a ring that they already own that fits perfectly. (It's best if it's a ring that they wear often as it is likely to be a good fit).

  • Take this ring to your local high street jewellers to be measured, (with permission). Or send it to me so I can measure it for you.

  • Do not be tempted to measure the ring yourself! Jewellers have specific equipment for measuring ring sizes that you are unlikely to have at home, and the margin for error is very small when it comes to ring sizes!

  • Be sure that the ring you are using fits the correct finger for the new ring. This is especially important if the intended ring is an engagement ring. You need a ring that fits the LEFT RING FINGER. (The finger next to the pinkie on the left hand).

  • Try to borrow a ring that is of a similar thickness to the ring you intend to give. For example, if you are ordering a ring with a delicate or thin band, there's no point taking a chunky, thick band to be measured, as it will fit differently to a thinner band.

As always if you have any questions you can get in touch with me at:

Emma Wylie Jewellery. 9ct Yellow Gold. Alternative wedding ring. Made by hand in scotland.


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